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The LED technology

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Be it for a new system in your house or apartment, a system changes of your old lighting to LED or even the conversion of your favorite light to LED. We take care of it. From the consultation to the execution. Just ask us.

Change from conventional lamps to LED

Do not waste time and change the bulbs of your apartment or house and your lamps at an early stage. Why? When the EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS2) comes into force from the 1 January 2023, important new requirements will apply to mercury in lamps for general lighting: the substance restrictions in electrical and electronic equipment in Switzerland are identical to those of Directive of the European union with regard to the type of heavy metals and flame retardants regulated, categories of equipment affected, exemptions from the substance bans and dates of entry into force.

This means that from the 1 January 2023, bulbs such as halogen, energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes will be banned and may no longer be manufactured. The stocks may still be sold (as long as it has), but experience shows that prices will go through the roof again within a very short time. As a result, you should deal with the issue at an early stage. Because with simply replace the old bulbs against new LEDs it is not done. The topic of dimming, for example, can be very complex and requires important clarifications and, in some cases, adjustments to existing installations.

Higher prices, lower power consumption

Meanwhile, there is an LED replacement for almost every type of lamp. However, the prices of LED tubes are still significantly higher than those of fluorescent tubes with mercury. For those you usually pay a few francs, the LED alternatives sometimes cost around 20 francs and more. But they are also more energy-efficient and somewhat longer-lasting. And: In contrast to the past, the light quality of LED lamps has also become significantly better.

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